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with numerous brands

Our offer for influencers


Apply for free and never miss a

campaign again


Earn money through collaborations


Spread news, trends and your honest, authentic opinions through your social channels


Get the latest products, participate in events, develop new products and more


Enjoy complete security regarding privacy, surreptitious advertising and other policies in all areas at all times


Decide which products and topics you'd like to promote on your social channels

Social Media Beitrag

Influencer Management

With ChannelBuzz, we have been gaining intensive experience in influencer marketing since 2010 and have established numerous relationships with various brands and agencies over the years. Interested in talking to us about exclusive marketing with no obligation?

Why think about management?


You are an influencer, model or artist looking for an exclusive partner who supports

you in all questions regarding influencer marketing, management

and professional marketing?


Who develops a joint strategy with you, helps you find the red thread and walks this

path together with you?


Who negotiates with clients and agencies and supports you in expanding your channels?


Who recommends you to various contacts beyond your social media channels, for other projects and campaigns?


Who doesn't agree on gagging contracts with you, but provides you with real added value, from which YOU benefit the most and not the agency.

Then you are at the right place and welcome!

Just get in touch and we'll have a preliminary conversation together.

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