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The # 1 influencer marketing

My name is Florian Frech and I am the CEO and founder of ChannelBuzz. Since 2010 we've been in the influencer marketing business and I believe "influencer marketing isn't just hype, it's the future."


I compare it to the evolution of the print industry at the time.

Back in 2010, we were part of the first blog marketing tool that ever existed in Germany. The term influencer and the new marketing discipline influencer marketing were not even born at that time.

But since then, we managed numerous campaigns in various industries and with several channels.

My team and I are not only experts in specific areas, but have an overview of the entire influencer marketing market. We can help you get exactly the services you want to achieve your goals.

Regardless of whether it's full service, just booking a single influencer, or perhaps even training your team.

You certainly have defined goals. But in addition to providing you with influencers, we take a close look at your products, topics and the corresponding audience.

We will then advise you based on this, so you can expect the best result.

Moreover, influencer marketing is not just for a young target audience or hip products. With us, you can run campaigns in any areas.

From very broad to pointed, regional to worldwide, young to old and in the B2C or B2B field.

Influencer tanzen vor der Kamera

#2 Word of Mouth Marketing

Zwei Menschen begrüßen sich

Our Word of Mouth campaigns are always tailored to your marketing goals.

We select the right testers for you, who correspond exactly to your target and thus provide you with the desired added value.

Through our Tester community and your commissioning of a word of mouth campaign, you will achieve several different marketing goals at the same time.

# 3 seminars and workshops

Florian Frech is one of the most experienced influencer marketing experts in Germany and to benefit from this with your team, let's talk about your needs. Mr. Frech will be glad to come directly to your agency or company, train your team in a one-day workshop or at regular intervals on all influencer topics. He will provide you with the necessary support to ensure that you are able to carry out your future campaigns optimally and get the most out of this marketing discipline.

Because we deal daily with influencers and topics related to influencer marketing, follow new trends and developments in detail, we can always provide you with professional and updated insights into this marketing discipline.

You can only benefit from this, because at ChannelBuzz we live and love influencer marketing since 2010.

Bookings are available for the following:


+   Impulse talk 45-90 minutes

+   Participation in panel discussion & conferences & TV features

+   Individual training/workshop

+   Team/Department training/workshop

+   Long-term consulting for the targeted development of your own

     influencer community including all the necessary elements

+   Booking Influencer Marketing Course 2021

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Bookings at any time via email to

Workshop & Schulung
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