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Use professional influencer marketing
to reach your target group

Spread your topics/products/message using the right influencer channels to boost your sales with evidence

You want to access all available influencer channels worldwide worldwide and also all social media channels, like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Blog, Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and WeChat.

You want a strategy designed to meet your objectives and not just a limited influencer or social media channels portfolio that deprives you of the chance to get the best results.

Benefit from our 12+ years of experience in influencer marketing. We successfully executed thousands of campaigns in numerous industries (B2C as well as B2B).

We transparently present you all influencers that meet your objectives and that we previously analyzed and selected for you in detail as a team.

Thanks to our expertise and market-driven pricing policy, you save 15-20% on average per influencer in budget costs.

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Companies who benefited
Why trust ChannelBuzz
We have been your experts in Influencer Marketing since 2010

We give you access to the entire influencer market. From small nano-channels to VIPs, celebrities and macro-channels with a reach of millions. In addition to having all available influencers in our portfolio for you, we also know which social media channel delivers the best results to meet your goals and budget. TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Blog, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook? Join us to harness the full potential and benefit from our 12+ years of experience in planning and managing influencer marketing campaigns. We guarantee you the best media prices for the respective influencer channel. Why? Because we have been actively involved in this field since 2010. We help you professionally and in a target-oriented manner, regardless if you are a start-up or a global corporation.

ChannelBuzz - We live Influencer Marketing and this in B2C as well as B2B

Our services for your success

Influencer Marketing Full Service

We manage your influencer marketing campaign from conception through campaign management to reporting.

Influencer & Celebrity Booking

Would you like to book only certain influencers or a celebrity? We have direct access and deliver them to you.

Influencer Marketing Workshop

We advise your team, your employees on all topics related influencer marketing.

✓ Strong growth, tremendous increase in awareness and huge
sales by working with ChannelBuzz.

✓ Get small insights into different campaigns and business areas here.

Toys Area

We have been assisting numerous customers from the toy industry for years and can provide our customers with perfect support based on our strong experience. Enclosed is an overview of the results of a campaign. Our client paid only 0,06€ per person reached and achieved a 1.683% increase in attention.

Overall, the 9 influencers had a net reach of 2,600,000 million followers and achieved an engagement rate of 20%.


"ChannelBuzz does not only deliver fast and targeted influencers to us, but also has wonderful ideas on how we can successfully promote the respective products with influencers."

Übersicht von Spielwaren-Kampagne
Grafik der AVA Messe
Pregnancy Area

We were faced with the challenge that this campaign is a very sensitive topic. Our team had to know in advance which women wanted to get pregnant, so they would be a perfect match for the cycle tracker and our campaign. Yet, when it comes to sensitive topics, we know exactly how to proceed and effectively support our clients in this regard.

"ChannelBuzz is beyond professional in its work from the very first contact to the discussion of the results. This team was reliable in all respects".

Automotive Batteries Area

We see influencer marketing as more than just holding up products to the camera and saying “SWIPE UP”. We know exactly which are the right expert channels for our customers. This is how we were able to sell our expertise to YUASA, the world's leading manufacturer of car and motorcycle batteries.


" We felt in good hands with ChannelBuzz from the very first minute and are more than satisfied with the results on an ongoing basis."

Übersicht der Yuasa Messe
Übersicht für den Bereich Deodorant
Deodorant Area

Still another quite sensitive topic, PURAX's products are against extreme sweating. Through our selection of the right influencers, our client still gets clicks on his videos published in 2018. This is what we call a long-term and profitable use of marketing budget. Only 0,03€ was enough for our client to reach one person. To date, our client is generating sales through these campaigns.

"We are more than overwhelmed and overjoyed, because as a small company we wanted to make sure that our budget is invested wisely. Now we receive sales for the 3rd year in a row through the influencer marketing campaign managed by ChannelBuzz in 2018."

Amazon Sales Area

We have helped numerous Amazon sellers to increase their sales. We can help you create demand for your Amazon products outside of Amazon and thus reach your potential target audience with appropriate influencer channels. An example shows that in a short time over 16,000 clicks and a turnover of over 4,600€ were generated. The Amazon Seller had invested 1,200€ for this.


"We didn't think it would work, but we were proven wrong".

Amazon Klick-Rate
Aktien mit Kopf
Finance Area

Would you like to post in channels where 100% of the target group is available? Do you operate in the area of finance or insurance? Then we know how to get your message to your target group and where to find the right expert

channels for you.

" It's akin to getting booked on a good expert show or magazine, except that it's all done online via ideally suited bloggers and YouTubers instead of print or TV. We've now booked annual campaigns through ChannelBuzz."

Pet food Area

Dog, cat, horse... whether it is about ordinary animal food or even nutritional supplements. This is another area where we access all channels that either have the corresponding pet, the animal itself runs a channel (=Petfluencer) or it is an expert channel about horse, dog or cat in general. Save time, nerves and costs and let us manage your campaign to reach pet owners.


" In some cases, the channels we selected had more expertise than we had within the company. This has led to us now developing products with individual influencers and running long-term successful campaigns."

Tiernahrung Marketing-Kampagne
Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-09 um 09.34.20.png
Trade Fair Area

Our task was to set up a completely new CAKE IT area (a kind of baking world with workshops) for our client (Messe Stuttgart). For this purpose, we selected matching female baking influencers, who then offered their workshops to the trade fair visitors every day of the fair and educated them about "healthy" baking at the same time.

"The new area was a huge success and all workshops offered on all days of the fair by the participating female influencers were fully booked. ChannelBuzz did an excellent job not only in helping us find the right influencers, but also in the entire organization and handling of the new trade fair area."

B2B Area

10 years ago, we already had the first B2B campaigns in blog marketing and implement pure B2B campaigns for our customers regularly. This campaign focused on a very specific target group, namely LINUX users in companies. We found the right channels and succeeded in making our client happy not only once with it.


"We never thought that influencer marketing would work in our field, but we were not only given excellent channels with tremendous expertise by ChannelBuzz, but also generated numerous inquiries and sales through the campaigns."

Marketingkampagne von Channelbuzz
Channelbuzz Advantages
Why should you run your influencer marketing activities with us ChannelBuzz
Warum Influencer mit ChannelBuzz.jpeg

Many influencer marketing platforms and networks exist today, but you will never get complete access to all available channels through these platforms and networks. Many of our current customers felt from the first phone call the difference between us and other agencies and providers, also with regard to the existing expertise. 


Competing market players have often tried to copy our approaches and methods - with moderate to no success. Besides you can rest assured that with us you will not only save budget and time, but you will also generate better results. Because your success is the

greatest praise for our work.

In a first personal meeting we get to know your goals, topics and existing problems. Thereafter we can clearly and honestly determine if and how we can support you in

achieving your goals.

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Our process
Influencer marketing campaign with
ChannelBuzz in detail
Meeting Themenvorstellung.jpeg


Meeting & Topic Presentation​

The cooperation and partnership with ChannelBuzz has only one goal:

To support you in a way that you can transparently see and understand all steps and actions, while sitting back and allowing us to save you time and nerves as we work to achieve your goals, which for most of our clients is to increase sales.


For this purpose, in a first meeting we get to know your products/topics and services as well as your current sales channels, target group(s) and sales markets.

Ideenentwicklung, Eventplanung.jpeg


Idea development & campaign planning

Depending on your objectives and available budget, we present you with the best type of campaigns recommended and the influencer channels in which we can get the best results based on our experience.


For many of our clients, we develop a perfect campaign after getting to know their goals, products and topics. We present our ideas to you in detail in another meeting. Of course, you can also come to us with an existing idea, discuss it with us and then implement it in a targeted manner. When planning a campaign, we do not always think purely online, but analyze exactly how we can approach your target group in a perfect way and hence stage your brand and your product both skillfully and successfully.



Influencer Analysis & Presentation

For over 12 years, we have been working intensively in the influencer marketing area and therefore have access to a huge database of numerous influencers from all possible areas. We have also built up the best connections to all networks and management over the years so we have access to their channels at any time.


Still, we don't rest on our database and the existing influencer channels but know exactly how to track down additional so-called "new" influencer channels to achieve your goals.


To achieve this, our team doesn't just randomly write to thousands of influencers or wait for them to apply to an advertised campaign. No, we proactively approach pre-selected influencers who are suitable for your campaign. We give them a professional pre-briefing to ensure full information about the planned campaign, the idea, the client and its products/themes. Afterwards, our team conducts 1:1 conversations with all influencers interested in your campaign.


In the next step, we transparently present all influencers to you with all the important details. Together with one of our experts, you will discuss all key figures and important information about each influencer channel and how they would like to implement our campaign idea. You will of course be able to click on each influencer and gain insight into their reach and prices.



Influencer approval & cooperation agreements

With the help of one of our experts, you finally select those influencers who perfectly match your set KPIs and objectives from both your and our point of view.


We sign a detailed cooperation agreement with each influencer and thanks to our more than 12 years of experience in influencer marketing, you are always on the safe side with our contracts.



Campaign Control & Monitoring and Content Review

We provide you with a contact person at all times who can update you on the status of your campaigns. Moreover, we will provide you with a project plan for your campaigns in advance so that you know exactly which steps will be completed when.


Once again, you can rely on our expertise, as we successfully carried out a large number of campaigns in many different areas over the years. Numerous lessons have been learned and, as a professional influencer marketing agency, we also "cushion" issues for you if something should not go as originally planned. Hence, in the entire 12 years, no customer appeared negatively through an influencer marketing campaign with ChannelBuzz in the press or/and was "torn apart" by influencers.


We also have full control over the content created at all times, as no content goes online without our approval. Regardless if it is a story, a video or a post. We check all content for complete accuracy and, of course, our customers can also view the content in advance and make corrections.

Reporting und Analyse.jpg


Reporting & Analysis

At the end of the campaign, you will receive detailed reporting where you can view all important key figures and influencers. You will receive a transparent overview of all measured values, except for the generated sales. We even present SEO results and many other important points to you, allowing you to draw meaningful lessons from your campaigns.


We also advise you on which influencers are worth planning further campaigns with, ideas for further campaigns, and how you can get more out of your products and topics.

3 simple steps
The process from your inquiry to the
influencer marketing campaign
Virtuelles Teammeeting
calendar (1).png

Step 1:
Arrange an appointment

Schedule an initial consultation with an expert from our team now by filling out the contact form.

phone-call (2).png

Step 2:
Analysis Discussion

We get to know you, your products & topics and answer all your questions about working with ChannelBuzz. 

analysis (1).png

Step 3:
Concept & Offer

We will send you an offer adapted to your situation, including a campaign concept to achieve your desired goals.

Simply click on the button below and request a free consultation.

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Success of your campaign
Your Advantages with ChannelBuzz
Warum Influencer mit ChannelBuzz.jpeg
Access to all influencers worldwide

We do not just give you access to a specific influencer portfolio, we give you access to all available influencers.


With over 12 years of expertise and work in this field, we do not only have very close and trusted contacts with influencers, but also know exactly which influencers are suitable for achieving your goals.

It makes no difference whether you want to work with channels from the DACH region (=Germany, Austria, Switzerland) or other international influencers. No matter if you are active in the B2C or B2B area, if you prefer to use TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, WeChat, Blog, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook - we help you professionally to achieve your goals.

Additional access to all celebrities and VIPs

In our celebrities and VIPs network you will find all conceivable areas from music, sports, magicians and various artists, to moderation, entertainment and actors.

Guaranteed market-driven pricing policy

Apart from showing you all prices in a completely transparent way, we also save you on average between 15-20% per Influencer booking on your budget.


Why? Because we are familiar with the market for over 12 years, know which prices are justified and aim to generate the best possible output for our customers. And this starts with the effective use of your advertising budget.

Access to the most important influencer
analysis tools

We provide you not only with our own software, but with access to all analysis tools available on the market.

Moreover, you should take all tools and software offers with a grain of salt, because we found clear evidence that most tools do not give you 100% accurate results.


With us, you can be sure to only get reliable and pre-tested insights and numbers, because despite our access to all tool and software offers, we have direct numbers from each influencer from their respective social media channels.


It' very important to note, however, that behind every influencer channel is a person or a team, and no software in the world can cover this point - but experience and 1:1 conversations can.

Aufbau eigene Software.png
Building your personal influencer
marketing software

Perhaps you would prefer to gradually build your own influencer marketing software and manage your influencers thereby and conclude cooperations with them? No problem, we can mirror our software to you, transfer influencers to your software and also implement special requests at any time.


We invite you to talk to us about your perfect software idea and use our expertise and full access to all channels to effectively and quickly cooperate with influencers on your own in the future.

Over 12 years of intensive experience in managing influencer marketing campaigns

It all started in 2010 with the new marketing discipline "blog marketing" at a time when the word influencer or influencer marketing had not yet been coined. At that time, we operated as the first blog marketing tool on the German market and collected the first bloggers and YouTubers.


Over time, blog marketing became social channel marketing and the first networks followed. Only in 2014 and really from 2018, numerous influencer marketing agencies and tools then came onto the market.


We have always been active in all industries and social media channels and know today's influencers with millions of followers even when they were quite small and unknown. Over these 12 years we have gained a lot of experience, which benefits our customers. So why not arrange a free consultation and see for yourself what we can do for you?

Über 10 Jahre.jpeg
Intensive Kenntnisse.jpeg
In-depth knowledge of marketers, networks,
and management.

There are many influencer marketing agencies, networks, and management teams out there, so it's understandable if you lose track and don't know where to start.

But no worries, we can definitely help you. Not only do we have access to all influencers, but we also have extensive experience with management, networks and influencer marketing platform providers and agencies. We know which operate cleanly and professionally and which have more appearance than glamour.

It is up to you to decide who you work with, but many of our clients have been able to see the difference relatively quickly.

Trained employees who are true
influencer experts

It’s crucial to have employees who have years of experience in this area and can impart it perfectly to young new employees. It is just like in other areas, no matter if someone is fresh out of university, training or has just worked for 1-2 years in one area, true expertise only comes with numerous projects and the years.


Having a core team with over 12 years of experience not only ensures that new employees quickly benefit from their expertise. They also ensure that your inquiry regarding an influencer marketing campaign is processed professionally and quickly. And as we start, we also carry out the entire campaign process in a profitable and goal-oriented manner for you.

geschulte Mitarbeiter.jpeg
Influencer Einzelbuchung.jpeg
Influencer individual bookings possible
at any time

Perhaps you don't want to implement an entire influencer marketing campaign with us, but just can't get access to a specific influencer or only want to book individual influencers?


This too is no problem for us. We will gladly approach the respective influencer or refer some influencers to you and you manage the rest of the campaigns with your own team.

Idea development, event planning, workshops, influencer marketing in-house training, building your social media teams

In most cases, our work for our clients starts with coming up with the perfect campaign idea and strategy for their products/themes and goals.


Beyond that, numerous companies have hired us to train their employees or for a one-day workshop, and even for setting up their own influencer department.


You can also rely on us at any time for trade fair support, event planning and implementation, as well as for setting up influencer streaming shows.

Ideenentwicklung, Eventplanung.jpeg
Companies Who Benefited: